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Play against your friend in this tense PvP mind game. Stay undercover as the traitor and leak crucial data from the research facility. But watch out, the security guard, played by your friend, will allways be on your heels!


change the color of your outfit and imitate the NPCs to maintain your cover. Steal the data from the terminals as fast as possible and send it to your allies using the servers. But be careful, stick around for too long and the security will catch you red handed!


the data on this station is top secret. It must not get into the wrong hands! Find the traitor as soon as possible or the data will be lost, never to be recovered again. However, you will lose your integrity if you keep arresting the wrong people, so make sure you find the right one. Accuse three innocent workers of the station and you lose!

How to play

Meet up with your friend and connect to the same (important!) network (e.g. local wifi). One selects traitor, one selects security and the mind games can begin.

The traitor wins if he uploads 2500 data or if the security catches three innocents.

The security wins if he finds the traitor or if the traitor can't upload 2500 pieces of data before the 10 minute mark.

Tips and Tricks

  • The traitor should act like the NPC crew members at the station to maxime his chances of success. Look out of windows, linger around and avoid running.
  • The security will get the exact position of the uploading server, when the amount of uploaded data surpasses 1000. Another warning will be sent at 2000 data points.
  • There are always four yellow, four blue and four green crew members at the station -- plus the traitor. Hence, if you see five crew members wearing the same outfit you can be sure that one of them is the traitor.


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